Frequently Asked Questions

At Indcom, we are happy to answer all your questions.  Here are some of the more frequently asked ones.


Q: Are there any penalties to pay out my finance contract early?

A: There are no prepayment penalties or fees of any kind to payout early.


Q: How do I payout my finance contract early?

A: Simply call us at 866-613-6274 and we will advise you of the payout amount and payment options.


Q:What will be the name of the debit to my bank account?

A:The payments will come out of your bank account from IndCom Leasing.


Q:What is required for a void cheque or debit authorization?

A:We must have a pre-authorized debit form including the account holder’s name, signed and stamped by the financial institution or a blank void cheque with the account holder’s name and address computer generated by the financial institution.


Q:How do I change my banking information?

A:You have two options for providing us with your new information:

  1. Email your void cheque or pre-authorized debit form to
  2. Fax your void cheque or pre-authorized debit form to 519-737-0030

Please include your contract reference number, daytime phone number and the effective date of the change. New banking information must be received 10 days prior to your next payment due date.


Q:Can I change the date that my monthly payment is withdrawn from my account?

A:If you wish to change your payment date, you must contact our team at 866-613-6274 to make this request.


Q:What are acceptable forms of Identification?

A:Valid Drivers license, Canadian Passport, or two of the following: Canadian Government ID Card, Social Insurance Card or Birth Certificate.


Q:I am moving. How do I notify IndCom of the change?

A:Simply call us at 866-613-6274.